2017 NFL Power Rankings

NFL Teams - Power Rankings

2017 NFL Power Rankings

New England Patriots1. New England Patriots

No team had a better off-season than the Patriots, and they were already the champs.


Pittsburgh Steelers2. Pittsburgh Steelers

If Ben Roethlisberger and Martavis Bryant can make amends and if they can maintain better overall health of key players, they could give the Patriots a run for their money.


Oakland Raiders3. Oakland Raiders

Marshawn Lynch is a nice piece, but their success depends on if their defense can get it together this year.


Atlanta Falcons4. Atlanta Falcons

Kyle Shanahan’s departure might end up being a much bigger deal than currently being discussed.  He has had success at places, left, and then the team does much worse. But the Falcons deserve a high-ranking until they play a few games.


Green Bay Packers5. Green Bay Packers

The offensive line is a bit of a concern, but they have been able to scheme around problems in the past.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The hot team for 2017, the Bucs had a great off-season with free agent signings and an excellent draft.


Dallas Cowboys7. Dallas Cowboys

A couple of losses on the offensive line are a concern, but they revamped their defense, and should continue to pound the ball on opposing teams.


New York Giants8. New York Giants

Will their offense come together with a major free agent signing at wide receiver and adding a dynamic tight end in the draft?  Left tackle is still a worry.


Seattle Seahawks9. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks’ rebuilding plan started two years ago, and a lot of young players are entering their second and third year.  Their running game and pass protection will need to improve if they can get back to their dominating ways.


Kansas City Chiefs10. Kansas City Chiefs

Even after a head-scratching off-season, the Chiefs are still built to win this year. Questionable play calling late in games will have to improve.


Miami Dolphins11. Miami Dolphins

Adam Gase seems to have stabilized the offense, but Tannehill simply has to be more productive, and their run defense has to improve.


Detroit Lions12. Detroit Lions

An injury to their talented new left tackle has been a setback to an otherwise good off-season that included some major improvements to the roster.


Tennessee Titans13. Tennessee Titans

One of the trendy picks of a team to make a big jump this year, the Titans finally have the weapons needed on offense to establish a dynamic attack.


Houston Texans14. Houston Texans

With terrible QB play last year, the Texans still got to the playoffs behind a superb defense. The coach and young QB need to get in a rhythm in order for this team to take the next step.


Washington Redksins15. Washington Redskins

A tumultuous off-season and some roster departures are troubling, but they were very close to being a very good team last year.


Arizona Cardinals16. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals lost a lot of games last year that they should have won. They lost some key pieces to their defense, but were also able to get younger at several positions.


Philadelphia Eagles17. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles added a number of veterans to one year deals, so 2017 could be a year with a lot of players playing for big contracts. But was that smart for the long-term?


Denver Broncos18. Denver Broncos

Who is the QB and how soon will that position be settled? The Broncos couldn’t run or stop the run last year, and their improvement on both elements will determine their success in 2017.


Carolina Panthers19. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers added two hybrid rb/wr’s that should help alleviate pressure on their QB. However, their key addition to their offensive line is questionable.


Baltimore Ravens20. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens went all in on defense in the draft, but their problem last year was their offense. They have to find a scheme that works for their


Los Angeles Chargers21. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers were simply a much better team than their record indicated. With additions to the offensive line, they should be able to run out leads better than they did last year.


Indianapolis Colts22. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts had one of the best off-seasons of any team, but the team’s success is going to depend upon Luck’s health.


Minnesota Vikings23. Minnesota Vikings

With a full year to adopt the West coast offense that they put in during the middle of last year, the Vikings are a very difficult team to project.  They might have found their next great RB, however.


Jacksonville Jaguars24. Jacksonville Jaguars

This ranking is based on the assumption that the coaching change and major structural change will finally allow the talented Jaguars to start winning. They had a very good defense last year that only added talent, and played better after firing their coach.


New Orleans Saints25. New Orleans Saints

The defense made some strides last year, and they have continued to add pieces to it. The question is will they get it together before Father Time catches up with Brees?


Buffalo Bills26. Buffalo Bills

The front seven of the defense will be interesting to watch, as that will be what this team will be built upon in the near future. The run game will continue to be a focus of the offense, as the assess their QB situation.


Cincinnati Bengals27. Cincinnati Bengals

Several years of a talent exodus has taken its toll. The loss of their talented offensive coordinator a year ago didn’t help, either.


Chicago Bears28. Chicago Bears

The Bears’ draft was puzzling, to be kind, but at the end of last year they started to play much better. How quickly will Trubisky see the field?


San Francisco 49ers29. San Francisco 49ers

Are the 49ers simply waiting for Cousins in 2018?  It appears the case, but they didn’t reach for a QB in the draft, and added a lot of talent in the off-season.


Los Angeles Rams30. Los Angeles Rams

After years of an out of date, predictable offense, the Rams finally made a move at head coach. At this stage, it is wait and see for how the new coaching staff will do.


Cleveland Browns31. Cleveland Browns

The Browns are in year 2 of the most drastic roster overhaul in recent memory. Will they get their rookie QB on the field this year?


New York Jets32. New York Jets

The Jets were stuck with an aging and under-performing roster, and have been extremely bold with their rebuilding effort. All eyes will be on the QB play this year.


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